eBay #Sponsored Zeiss Ikon NETTAR 515/16 6x6cm mit



But a very simple one. Thumbs up: Good image quality / Feel Bokeh Great build Buy Zeiss Ikon Vintage Cameras and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Zeiss Ikon Nettar Around 1934 Zeiss introduced the Bob line of less expensive rollfilm cameras. The 510 and 510/2 were marketed in England as Nettar 510 and 510/2. Eventually the Bob name was dropped, and they were known as Nettar everywhere. Some of these cameras are marked Bob, but they are identical in construction to the Nettars.

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There are less things that can brake and you get a very reliable camera. But I do miss double-exposure prevention. You can be found very cheap and you get quite a lot value for the money. Hi!..I have the exact same camera Zeiss Ikon, Nettar 515/2, Telma, Anastigmat 1:4.5 f=11cm. I havent been able to find it in the cataloges yet. Have you found anything? Reply Zeiss Ikon, Nettar 515/2, Telma, Anastigmat 1:4.5 f=11cm 6x9.

Maybe I'm expecting too much, but I've seen posts which mention the quality of the images produced by this camera (the lens is a 75mm f/4.5 Novar-Anastigmat). So here are some samples below. Something that is in a way a good thing in a old camera like this.

Old Camera ZEISS IKON Nettar 515/2 from 1933 - Catawiki

A nice old camera with fold out bellows. A great display item that would work in the home or office. You dont have to be a camera collector to appreciate this gem! Measurements when closed: 6 x 3 x 1.25.


Produced 1934-58 (1949) Zeiss Ikon AG, Stuttgart, Germany. Film type 120.

Although none of these cameras have enormous value, the cameras with Tessar lenses and Prontor shutters generally fetch slightly more than those with Novar or Nettar lenses. The Zeiss Ikon Bob (model number 510) is the first camera to carry the Nettar name - it was introduced about 1934 and here in Britain it was marketed as a Nettar.
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Nettar camera value

6x9 cm, 120 roll, 10.5cm6.3 Nettar Lens. Classic 1930s vintage collector`s camera. In good condition, shutter works fine.

2021-03-05 · Then I came across the Zeiss/Ikon Nettar and thought I would try it out. Zeiss Ikon Nettar II 518/16 my and its Novar-anastigmat 75mm f/6.3, Dylan Smith. It is a medium format folding bellows camera. It shoots in 6×6 format.
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Other info. Camera number R 51827 *; Uses 6×9 film. Including.

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eBay #Sponsored Zeiss Ikon NETTAR 515/16 6x6cm mit

This was the  The Nettar series by Zeiss Ikon was a successful range of self-erecting folding cameras for 120 roll film. These cameras share many parts with the much more  Produced 1934-58 (1949) Zeiss Ikon AG, Stuttgart, Germany; Film type 120; Picture size 6cm x 9cm; Weight 20.8oz (589.7g); Lens Zeiss Novar 105mm f6.3  Zeiss Ikon Nettar 515/16. Zeiss Ikon Nettar I read online that this model, while designated as a 620 film camera, can accept 120 film as well. I tried to do this  Apr 28, 2017 The Nettar line was composed of cameras using 120mm film and recorded images at a variety of sizes. Depending on the camera negatives  Results 1 - 48 of 54 Zeiss Ikon Nettar 120 Film Folding Camera with 75mm f/4.5 Lens.

eBay #Sponsored ZEISS IKON Nettar 515/2 NETTAR

Picture size 6cm x 9cm. Weight 20.8oz (589.7g) Lens Zeiss Novar 105mm f6.3 (stops to f22) Focal range 2m to infinity. Shutter Vario. En Nettar bälgkamera tvingar dig att fatta beslut utan alltför många valmöjligheter och de tvingar dig att lära dig två extremt viktiga kunskaper: fokusering med skärpedjupskala och att använda en handhållen exponeringsmätare; båda mycket viktiga kunskaper som du alltid har nytta av att bemästra. Varför? vintage zeiss ikon nettar folding camera.

This camera in average condition has been selling on ebay for $20 to $45 for camera's in average condition. Ebay is what many appraisers use to determine value of an item. Comet S 127 Film Art Deco Camera c.1950 – Made by Bencini, Italy (Parts) Agfa silette -LK 35mm Camera COLLECTION ONLY DURHAM Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta A 530 Rangefinder Camera (X90942) 1934 – 1937, Extras In this Video I describe which parts are used for which purpose and some facts about this great antique camera of my grandfather!